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Tutta Italiana CD

Covering such favorites as "Mamma," "Chitarra Romana" and "O Surdato 'Nnammurato", tutta Italiana reminds us why this nostalgic music stays in our hearts. Hauntingly beautiful versions of "Santa Lucia Luntana" and "Dicitencello Vuie" reminds us that the magic of music can be just as powerful when delivered with vocal purity and simple instrumental accompaniment. Included in this album are some of ALFIO's own much-praised songs such as "Il Nostro Sogno" and "Voce Pura" which was written in tribute to Luciano Pavarotti.

tutta Italiana has captured the very essence of ALFIO and his phenomenal vocal ability.  This CD showcases his innate passion for Italian songs and is an album for music lovers everywhere.

[01]    Chitarra Romana         
[02]    Il Mondo      
[03]    Stella D'Argento         
[04]    Amore Scusami 
[05]    Mamma         
[06]    Il Nostro Sogno   
[07]    Dicitencello Vuie         
[08]    Voce Pura  
[09]    Gelosia         
[10]    O Surdato 'Nnammurato         
[11]    Passione E Vollutà          
[12]    Ave Maria       
[13]    Santa Lucia Luntana


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